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Jeff Rosenberger

Senior User Artist at Blind Squirrel Entertainment Inc.

Nov 19, 2018, Senior to Sam but didn't manage directly

on-boarding experience for our first project together was made ridiculously easier because of Sam's proactive nature. Early in my time working with her, Sam took time out of her own day frequently to go over and above to ensure I had all of the information that I needed to hit the ground running on the project. I was not a unique situation, as I watched her do it for others again and again. Few people that I've worked with have ever Sam is a very talented artist, with skills in multiple disciplines, and was a highly valued colleague during our time together at Blind Squirrel Games. Dedicated and hyper-organized, she delivered a volume and quality of work that was worthy of a more senior title. Even so, she was always eager to improve (either her own skill set or on processes in general), and very receptive to any constructive input/critique in an effort to absorb alternate opinions and strategies to put into her toolkit for future tasks/iterations. Another thing I feel needs a call-out was her level of care and concern for the rest of her teammates. My own went to that much trouble unassigned and I was, and remain, very grateful for all she did to smooth my road. Aside from all that, Sam is just a rad person. She digs all the stuff "game nerds" are supposed to, loves dogs, can be a goof when it’s called for, and is a willing sounding board if you need a sanity check. I missed working with her when she left BSG and would be happy to get to do it again. 


 Brad Hendricks

CEO at Blind Squirrel Entertainment Inc.

May 11, 2018, Brad was senior to Sam but didn’t manage directly

Sam is a very hard working and talented UI/UX artist. She really made working at Blind squirrel Games a lot of fun! Sam would make a great addition to any team.


Sofia Sosa

Freelance Artist

February 28, 2016, Sofia and Sam were students together

One of the trends I recognize Samantha most is creativity and leadership. When it comes to develop a project, how well she gathers a team and get it to start and complete the work.


Aaron Lewis

Delivering data security - CISSP

July 3, 2014, Sam worked with Aaron in the same group

Sam is a talented artist and is a pleasure to work with. We worked on a number of games together, and she has a passion and attention to detail for her work that makes all the difference in creative media.


Joel Searles

Sr. Software Engineer at Gaming Arts LLC

July 24, 2013, Sam worked with Joel in the same group

I have worked with Samantha on several projects both on the same team and interacting from different teams. Her professionalism is second to none. It has always been a pleasure to work with Samantha and I would highly recommend her.


Cecil Hughes

BAMFimator of Video Production and Creative Management

March 9, 2011, Sam worked with Cecil in the same group

Samantha is a diverse and passionate artist that strives to excel in her field and further her knowledge as a designer.


Rob Anderson


May 20, 2010, Rob managed Sam directly

I have had the distinct pleasure of serving Samantha Robbins as both an instructor at the Art Institute of Las Vegas (Summer '08 - Fall '09) and as a mentoring representative of my company, Revel Studios, during the same period and here after. In school, Samantha proved to be an exemplary student; a motivated and highly competent professional. I was always pleased with her work and particularly her attention to fine grain detail and natural attunement to design, composition and animation. As such, I would not hesitate to recommend Samantha to any suited employer willing to well-compensate and appreciate her many terrific talents.


Amanda Farrar

Arts Professional & Educator

January 24, 2010, Amanda was Sam’s teacher

I worked with Samantha as her instructor in first year Art Foundations classes at The Art Institute of Las Vegas. Sam's work set her apart from other students from the beginning, reflecting significant practice in the technical skills of art. What has proven more important is her openness to critique and her active pursuit of goals. She possesses a drive and a "spark" at a level that I rarely see; Samantha is a talented designer who seeks challenges she can confront head on. I would love to work with her in the future should that opportunity arise and would not hesitate to recommend her based on the quality of both her work and her character.


Randolf Dimalanta

Sr. Graphic Artist at Aristocrat

December 7, 2009, Randolf managed Sam directly

I had the pleasure of being Samantha's animation instructor for many years at the Art Institute of Las Vegas. She's an exceptional leader, highly creative, a self starter and a hard worker. Her animations are thoughtful and most importantly, always seeks feedback to maker her pieces the best. It has been a pleasure being able to guide her in her work and to see her grow. 

I'm most impressed with Sam's sense of design and scope for the "overall" package, as apparent in her drawings, paintings, compositions, use of color and CG projects...things simply look good after she's had the chance to work on it...its amazing. I would recommend her for any animation and design project, and believe that she would be an invaluable addition to any design or animation team.


Eric Taitano

Digital Media Manager | Designer at Las Vegas Sands Expo

December 7, 2009, Eric was a client of Sam’s

Samantha, Was one of my top picks when I first screened the graduating students at AI of Las Vegas Portfolio shows. She show's a high level of desire to learn and gain experience in all aspects of our profession and is always up to any challenge that may arise. I highly recommend her for hire, since she has proven to be reliable and prompt in meeting all deadlines associated with projects, meeting and client's special requests. If I had the position open at Symon Communications LV, I would definitely hire her as a full time multimedia artist. 


Lauren Duncan

Non-Profit Management, Writer, Producer

December 7, 2009, Lauren was senior to Sam but didn’t manage directly

I had the privilege of Samantha being a student in my History of Animation class, and in subsequent quarters visiting with her about her work. Samantha is passionate about animation, and her enthusiasm and talent would be an asset to any company. I see great things in her future.


Ron Horsley

Lead Designer at Fine Visual Novelties

December 6, 2009, Ron worked with Sam but at different companies

Samantha Robbins is a dedicated, talented designer who has far greater appreciation and knowledge of her craft than many people with twice her years in the graphic design/illustration industries. She continuously puts her best effort into every project no matter what, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a production artist or design director on any given position or project.


Dave Rose

Texture Team Lead at Razor Edge Games

December 5, 2009, Dave worked with Sam in different groups

Samantha is a good worker and can be counted on to get work done. She is on time with projects and makes sure she gets all the details. Working with her on a personal level, she retains information that is given to her and then applies it to future projects. I am proud to give her my recommendation.


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